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A host of custom content services tailored to meet your specific business requirements

Case Studies

US based Targeted News Service monitors fourteen thousand websites on a daily basis to deliver its best-in-class news products and services to business professionals and journalists. The company was looking for a solution that could help them manage and streamline this extensive information gathering and filtering process.

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UK based consulting firm provides competitive monitoring services as part of a broader portfolio. The company was looking for a solution to monitor competitors of their clients. The solution should monitor specific type of news, press announcements as well as patents filed by or awarded to the competitors.

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Content Curation

Content curation is the process of gathering information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest. We curate content which meets your specific business requirements. We identify and source information which is vital on an ongoing basis for many of our clients.

Analysis Check

We do a thorough analysis of your requirements to develop a deeper understanding of your business


We curate content using a hybrid system involving the best of machine-learning technologies and a team of trained human analysts

Quality check

We follow a comprehensive QC process to ensure that you recieve highest quality content


We deliver the content in your specified format as per your timelines

Content Conversion

As the world moves towards a digital approach to accessing information, it is paramount that your content remains accessible for everyone. We have the expertise and knowledge to digitize your content to a high quality formats.

Multiple Devices

Accessible on multiple devices


Reduce handling costs


Improve your content’s searchability

Cloud storage

Reduce physical storage space

Content Tagging

Because computers can understand semantic and contextual tags, they turn your legacy and newly created content into smart content. These tags along with other types of metadata, make your content more discoverable via advanced search capabilities and augments its discoverability, your content becomes more reusable, discoverable, and scalable.


Contify indexes more than 0.2 million documents per day from thousands of News and Social Media sources

Subject-matter Experts

A team of subject-matter experts to ensure the subjective tags are correctly applied by the Machine Learning algorithms


Documents with accurate semantic and context tags are delivered as XML feeds or via API calls

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